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Serving Suggestions for Sprout Revolution

Our sprouted flax powders can be enjoyed and served anytime of the day. Use it in any of the recipes on our website or blend it into smoothies, sprinkle it over fresh salad greens, soups, fresh fruit, cereal (hot or cold), yogurt, apple sauce or puddings.

For a nutritious PB&J sandwich for children, sprinkle it on the peanut butter before adding the jam for an extra special treat.

When baking with it, replace equal amounts of flour or dry ingredients with the flax. As an egg substitute, use 2 tablespoons of flax mixed with 2-3 tablespoons of water for one egg. Experiment and have fun substituting flax in your favorite recipes. Email us with your results and send us your recipe. If we use it on our website, we'll send you a free bag of Sprout Revolution™.