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Michelle's Sprout Revolution™ Sprouted Flax Crackers

Dry Ingredients:

2 cups Sprout Revolution Premium Organic Sprouted Flax Powder*
3/4 cup Organic Almond Meal (ground up almonds, from raw almonds preferably)
1/4 cup Organic Ground Buckwheat Grouts
1/4 cup Any other dry ingredient - you decide and get creative, what feels good
1/4 cup Organic Flax Seeds or other kind of seeds
1/2 cup Organic Sesame Seeds
1/2 tsp. Sprout Revolution™ Organic Sprouted Broccoli Powder

Spices - (Now, I spice it up a bit, but you can do variations like Mexican with cilantro, cayenne, etc.; Italian with oregano, garlic, basil etc.; or Indian with cumin, turmeric, curry, Garam Masala, etc. etc. - or you can try your own, again do what feels good (do I hear James Brown or are those just voices....huh), anyway then you can also add any of your "super foods" and make this delicious treat out of this World!


6-8 Cups Liquid (I sometimes use a vegan broth in combo with spring water or make my own broth with the spring water, depends on what I have on hand) the amount of liquid depends on your climate and how thick (less) or thin (more) you like them.
I also sometimes add 2 tbsp. Cold Pressed Organic Olive Oil or Flax Oil - woohoo Omega's!

I also add shredded carrots, onions, and anything else I feel like or have but do make sure they are small if you don't want to get the flavor just from the veggies.

Now, mix it all together preferably with a whisk as the flax tends to get chunky.  Let it sit for 4-6 hours so the flavors can all meld. Then, spread the mixture on your dehydrator sheets and make sure not to have the temp go over 104ish to keep those enzymes in tact.  Dehydrate for between 6-18 hours, again depending on desired outcome. You can make them thin and crispy like chips with a long drying time, or thicker with a shorter time for "bread" and crusts etc.

Voila - Enjoy the best darn flax crackers on the planet! Well, I AM a bit biased☺

* Note: If you don't use Sprout Revolution™ Spouted Flax Powder, I cannot guarantee they will be the best darn crackers or that they will even taste good and they certainly won't be NEARLY as nutritious without that life in it!